Issue 2 : Spring 2011

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African Rhythms, Roots Culture

by Cheryl Sterling

AfroBeatJournal welcomes you to its second edition. We cannot begin this issue without giving thanks to our cohort and colleague, the artist, poet, and writer, Jacqueline Bishop, who served as the guest editor for this issue. Jacqueline, “you walked good.” And thank you to all the writers, poets, and artists, who so patiently waited for this issue to unfold. More...

Ayiti: UnCommon Beauty

by Donna Aza Weir-Soley

My beauty was never the common beauty of the pampered whore

Whoever seeks such beauty deserves whatever weakness that he finds.

Tepid and tasteless like watered down coffee.


Mother Ramsey

by Dadland Maye

Mother Ramsey

In 1925 when me was seven years old, a fiery sermon bout “Doing God’s Will No Matter What” rose up inside Bush Town Redemption Tabernacle in Portland. More...


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